Julestar Twilight Dream @ Shima Onida - Lola

Lola had her first litter of puppies in 2017 and had a large litter of 10, we decided to keep one of her puppies (Lilith). 

Hip score: 10

Elbows: 0/0

DM - Clear 

OSD3 - Clear 

Clear of 165 Diseases by Embark DNA.

Shima Onida Persephone - Lilith

Lilith was bred by us, her mum is Lola and her dad is Shima Onida Hagrid who we bred a few years ago.

Lilith is a timber dog, her mother is a timber dog and her father is a Northern Inuit. Lilith has a relatively low co-officency of inbreeding which is our whole purpose of these outcross matings.

Lilith is quite a rare colour for our breed, she was born completely black. 

Hip Score - 8
Elbows - 0/0

DM - Clear

OSD3 - Clear 

Clear of 165 Diseases by Embark Genetic DNA Testing