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We are based in the UK, my daughter and I both breed and show our dogs. Between us we are the proud owners of 3 Beautiful Northern Inuit Dogs, 2 which we have had from puppies and 1 who came to us at 2 yrs old (Luna), and we have 3 beautiful Timber Wolflike dogs, Drogo, Lola and Lilith, and a Tamaskan Girlie Sequoia.

Each of our dogs live in the house, they are part of our family. Our puppies are house-reared, we do not use kennels. Our dogs are all fully health tested with hip & elbow scores, DM tested and OSD3 tested. Our dogs are also EMBARK dna tested.

Prior to owning these wonderful creatures I owned GSD's for 20 years, building a great knowledge of large breed dogs. All because of a childhood dream of the wolf I so wanted to have one, sadly with the UK laws one cannot own a pure bred wolf in this country. This spurred me to look for a dog that would have the looks of a wolf. Due to a search on the internet by my daughter we came across the Northern Inuit breed. Once i had researched the breed I decided to go and visit a breeder to take a look and learn more about this breed. This was when i booked my first Inuit puppy, Tala. Seven weeks after that I brought my bundle of fluff home to meet my 2 GSD's - they were not impressed with this hyper little one but soon grew to love her.

Sadly 6 months after her arrival we lost our white GSD Casper at the age of 13 years (A good age for a GSD). A few months later Ozzy our rescue Inuit came to live with us, then 6 months later Matsi (Inuit) came to join our family. She was 13 weeks old and a gift for my daughter. One year later came my first Stud dog who was also a Northern Inuit, Tamaska.

The Northern Inuit was created to resemble the wolf in colour and as close as possible in looks, some do and some don't but they all make loyal, loving trustworthy companions and family pets.

I started Shima Onida around 11 yrs ago. Mainly because I felt there was room for improving the health and look of this breed, they have always had outstanding temperaments.

I wanted to see them with smaller ears, better coat types and longer/ taller legs, enhancing the wolfy look more.

Its been a lot of hard work accessing the right stud dogs and bitches to be able to do this, I have managed with some but am still working just as hard to accomplish my ideal look.

4 years ago we got involved with the Timber Dog Club UK and decided to buy a male and a female puppy from a Timber Dog breeder. We decided this would be a move in the right direction for our breeding programme as the Timber dog is a relatively new breed which is being outcrossed to other wolfy breeds to create a large gene pool. We are trying to make a larger gene pool to promote better health within our dogs, by outcrossing to other wolfy breeds the relation between the dogs is further apart.

Our dogs are fed a raw diet and we wean our puppies onto raw as this the best diet for them. We also feed Eden Kibble, which is the UK's best brand of kibble.

Please enjoy our website and decide for yourselves if this is a breed you would love to share your home with, we would not be without these beautiful noble creatures.