History of the Timber Dog

The first litter of Timber Dogs were born in 2012 and were bred by Julie Bennett, whom is the founder of the breed. The first litter was created by outcrossing a Northern Inuit to a Utonagan of old lines - This was done to create more genetic diversity. Julie Bennett went on to keep 3 puppies from the litter, 2 females and 1 male. These became the first generation of the breed. These 3 dogs were then outcrossed to other fully health tested wolfy breeds of dog to create different bloodlines.

Most Timber dogs stem back to these 3 dogs, but the Timber Dog Club UK are still in the process of creating new bloodlines. New bloodlines have been introduced to improve health, temperament and conformation. All Timber Dogs to date carry recent wolf content, it is relatively low - But it is still there. Therefore families overseas, especially in the USA need to keep this in mind when enquiring for puppies as some States in the USA do not allow dogs with any wolf content. The Timber Dog is being developed for a Home Pet temperament with a wolfy appearance. They are often described as "Wolf look alikes" or "Wolf Type". Due to the fact Timber dogs have low wolf content, they are classed as Wolf Look A Like Dogs.

The Timber Dog Club UK

The Timber Dog Club UK is the official registration body for Timber Dogs and are the founders of the breed, holding the official data base for all registered Timber Dogs UK.

Please feel free to visit the Timber Dog Club UK website -


  • Promote the recognition and understanding of our breed

  • Promote Healthy and robust Dogs in our breeding programme

  • Provide advice, help and offer unity of like minded people through our group and shows.

  • All breeding dogs are carefully assessed for Health, Temperament and Type before being approved for the breeding.

The Timber Dog Club UK was founded by Julie Bennett in 2016. This was done so that all dogs bred with the breed name of ‘Timber Dog’ are registered on a database where their lineage can be traced. All breeding dogs are registered on the system, with their health test results, microchip and personal information.

Each puppy is registered on the database, including their microchip details and owners information. Thsi way we have an acurate lineage for each dog bred or used by the Timber Dog Club UK. All puppies bred by the Timber Dog Club UK recieve a full 4 generation pedigree which is given to their owners on collection of puppy.

Health test results of all dogs used within the Timber Dog Club breeding programme are available to prospective owners to view, should they wish to. With regards to health testing, we continue to carry out any health tests relevant to the breeds we use within our programme as they are developed. This ensures that we are up to date with any health conditions which may develop in any of the wolflike/wolfdog breeds that we may use in the future.

The Timber Dog Club UK ensures that ethical breeding standards are maintained at all times. To give confidence that all puppies bred are of the best quality/health possible and are socialised, desensitised to all aspects of family life - enabling them to settle better in their future homes. The foundation is laid for all new owners to continue to expand socialisation and training of their puppies.